Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Interview with Decimate The Ruins!

Genre(s): Deathcore/Djent
Location: Tacoma, WA

PSAB: Where does the band name "Decimate The Ruins" come from exactly? 

DTR: Our name decimate the ruins came from our old vocalist, We see the world going to shit in a way, Global warming, Gas prices the bad economy So in a sense we look at this world in ruins So destroy ( decimate ) the Ruins ( world ) is how we look at it!

PSAB: You're currently working on a new EP. When can you fans expect to see it release? 

DTR: We are surely working on a ep! it might take awhile because we just swapped our 7 strings out for 8s and I'm sure this sound is much more what we are going for. But hopefully in the next month expect to get the ball rolling of a ep and new merch

PSAB: If you could choose any place to play a show in, which place would that be? 

DTR: If we could choose to play anywhere in the world it would be rock am ring in Nürburgring Germany just due to the vast amount of crowd! 

PSAB: How's the metal scene in Tacoma, WA? 

DTR: The scene is full of a lot of great bands, We have a couple brother bands that we are really close to with and play shows with very often... however there aren't that many venues and more and more venues seem to be closing

PSAB: What are the bands that play the most influence on your music? 

DTR: Our influences are Lifeforms, Meshuggah, Children of Bodom, Veil Of maya, The Faceless, Monuments, Fit For A Autopsy 

PSAB: Any shout outs to give? 

: We would like to give a huge shout out to our friend Aaron Meyers, He has been like Family to our drummer and he has taken professional photos for us at our shows countless times for free and he has let us use his guitars/basses/amps/recording gear with out expecting a dime from us, Thank you Aaron! Also a shout out ro our brothers in massacre at the opera, Beyond Theory, Equal Ruins and Resolve and Reside!

Monday, October 20, 2014

New Music From Today And Yesterday!

Between yesterday and today there has been so much new music or music videos released that it is much easier to compile them into one post. So here we go!


First up is nu-metalcore (is that a thing now?) band, Attila. They released earlier today a new song from their new album Guilty Pleasure. The new song is called "Proving Gounds" and you can listen to via VEVO. Pre-order the new album on MerchNOW.

Next up is deathcore band, Iconoclast, released a new song titled "Born of Malice." You can listen on YouTube now!

Last from today is metalcore act Heart Of A Coward with a release of a a music video called "Distance." The song is taken from the band's upcoming new album Severance. Check out the new music video on YouTube now! Also you can pick up the album now on Century Media Records and iTunes.


First is a release from progressive metalcore/djent band, The Dali Thundering Concept with a release of a new song with music video called "Burned By The Hand" which features Harun Demiraslan. The song is from the band's upcoming new album Eyes Wide Opium which you can pre-order on Big Cartel. Check out the new song and video on YouTube right now!

Next is hardcore/metal band Liberatae Mae with their release of a new song titled "Capital Voice." Check it out on YouTube!

Slam death metal band, Operation Cunt Destroyer, dropped a new song "Fisted Pile Of Filth" from their upcoming split album with Dead Inside called Low-Budget Lobotomy. Listen to the new song now on YouTube!

Released through Chugcore, down tempo hardcore band Eastern Poles released their new song "Foul Play" on YouTube. The song is taken from the band's new EP District Grimes set to release in the future.

One-man instrumental progressive metalcore band, Ben Simon, released a new song "Be(lie)f from his debut album The Reckoning. You can listen to the new song, like many other songs, on YouTube!

Last song for this post, but definitely not least, is deathcore band Medea Rising's new song and music video titled "Social Downgrade" from the band's most recent album Abyss. Check out the new song on YouTube and pick up the album on Big Cartel right now!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up (10/12-10/19)

We'll be doing weekly wrap ups every Sunday to cover what went on through the week, but this will exclude anything new after this post or anything new that happened during Sunday. Anyway, let's start!

First are the interviews, there were interviews with Death Rides A Horse, Obscenium, Everyone Dies Alone, Flesh of the Earth, and The Ghost of You through this week, and I suggest you check them out!

Next up is everything else that happened, the best being news albums from Depths of Hatred, Rings of Saturn, The Acacia Strain, and Revocation and the worst being Structures announcement of going on hiatus. Other good news is a ton new music dropped this week, new music from Aversions Crown, Observer, OATH, and a ton of new singles there were released on Friday. And! Last but not least is Barrier announced their new album last Tuesday!

That just about covers this week for PSAB. Look forward to a new posts to come this week!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Structures Announces Hiatus And Farewell Tour

Progressive hardcore band, Structures, announced earlier today that they will be going on an indefinite hiatus after their farewell tour with Obey The Brave, Exalt, and Villains. This was announced via their Facebook page,

"We are saddened to announce that Structures will be going on an indefinite hiatus come 2015. This is not an easy decision considering how much we have put into this band since it's inception in 2009, however we all feel that a healthy break is necessary for each of us for various personal reasons. We are all on good terms and have made this decision collectively.

We want to thank all of our fans, new and old, for supporting the music we have made throughout the last few years. You are what allowed us to live out our dreams and for that we are forever grateful. To all of the bands we have toured with and the friendships that have been formed along the way, thank you for the unforgettable times on the road and the great shows that we've shared. Thank you to Sumerian Records for giving us a platform to release our music. Thanks to Outerloop Management, Good Fight, Pantheon, Avocado and The Agency Group for all your help through the years.

This tour will be a farewell tour of sorts, however, we are not fully closing the idea of picking things back up if and when the time is right. Who knows what tomorrow brings.

We're also excited to have Nick joining us on these dates. It only makes sense that we finish off how we started. We will be playing songs from our entire catalogue.

Looking forward to playing some fun shows around home with Obey The Brave, our hometown friends in Exalt and Villains. See you at the dates below and thanks for your support, we love you all.

You can keep up with us personally on Instagram and Twitter to see what we're up to with any future musical endeavours.

Andrew - http://instagram.com/andrwstrctrs

Spyros - http://instagram.com/spyrosgeorgiou

Brendon - http://instagram.com/brendonvace


12/4 St. Catharines @ Detour Music Hall

12/5 London @ London Music Hall

12/6 Toronto @ Tattoo

12/7 Hamilton @ Absinthe

12/9 Montreal @ La Sala Rossa

12/10 Ottawa @ Ritual

12/11 Quebec City @ Le Cercle

12/13 Guelph @ DSTRCT * no OTB


Sad to see this happen, as I have been a big fan of Structures since their release Divided By. Hope to see them make a return eventually, but if not, this type of shit happens with bands.

New Music That Released Yesterday And Today!

A fair amount of new music released between yesterday and today, and instead of giving individual song its respective post, I will post them all together here. Check out each one if you have the chance, because they're all great.

Deceptionist, a progressive deathcore band, released a new song "Sentient" yesterday. You can check it out on YouTube right now!

Beyond The Aftermath, a deathcore band, released a teaser to an upcoming song titled "DEAD" yesterday. You can listen to the preview on YouTube now!

Popular metalcore band, Unearth, released a new song earlier today titled "Guards of Contagion." You can listen to that on Soundcloud!

Last but not least is Hideous Divinity, a technical death metal band from Rome. They released a new song "Cobra" yesterday, and you can listen to it on YouTube now!


And there's more! Animal, a down tempo band signed to We Are Triumphant, released a new song titled "Dark Room" earlier today. You can check it via YouTube!