Sunday, November 23, 2014

Interview with As Owls Sing To Crow!

Genre(s): Blackened Death Metal/Groove
Location: Portland, OR

PSAB: Where did your band name come from, and what exactly does it mean?

AOSTC: As Owls Sing To Crows is essentially a metaphor. The owl, when viewed in witchcraft and mythology, is a villain. The crow is often viewed as a pest or vermin and, as we know, there is a big abundance of them. So, the villain sings to the masses. We try to follow a theme in our music, which  is the dark gloomy pacific northwest.  What better inspiration than to use things we see in Oregon?
PSAB: You released your album Paper Antler back in September. How's the feedback been for that?

AOSTC: Well, we had quite the organic welcoming lately. Due to Paper Antler being on a few blogs and free download sites from our fans, we have had quite a few reviews, and they are very positive and it's really encouraging that people really like us and support us which we feel really grateful for. Our album is also free now to anyone who would like to download it.
PSAB: You're a two-man band. Why did you choose this route over a traditional band setting?

AOSTC: Me and Justin chose to be a duo because we have became such good friends during the bands formation that we think for the moment it's just easier to canvas imagery and sound structure since we  have high similarities on how we want the music to be. However, we never ruled out the idea of other possible band mates in the future. But for now, who knows?
PSAB: How's the music scene in Portland, OR?

AOSTC: The music scene in Portland is really amazing and it certainly has its distinction in the city. Some of my favorite bands from here would be: The Odious, Agalloch, When They Invade, and many others! I recommend others to explore our scene! I think there's a little of everything for everyone.
PSAB: What plays the most influence on your music? This can be non-music related.

AOSTC: For influences, hmm... I would have to say for me, my favorite Musical influences would have to be Fair To Midland, The Human Abstract, The Contortionist, The Haunted, Agalloch, The Faceless, Wretched, Kagero, Gogol Bordello, In Mourning, and Isis.

My non-musical influences, for me, would be: Gardening, parks in the fall, my wife and son, abstract imagery discussions, poetry, and of course my bearded brother from another mother, Justin Wilson :)

And for Justin "Captain Chicken strip" Wilson, his musical influences are Bloodbath, Devil Driver, Opeth, Dark Funeral, Beneath The Massacre, and Ion Dissonance.

His non-musical influences include: The gloom of the northwest, my parents support of my music, the love of my life and my best guy and band band mate Taylor. What makes him tick is rain.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Northlane Releases New Song "Rot"

Progressive metalcore band, Northlane, released a new song earlier today titled "Rot." Along with the release of this song, they announced their new vocalist will be Marcus Bridge (via Facebook), which will be filling the empty spot left when Adrian Fitipaldes quit the band. 

There is a lot of hate surrounding the new direction Northlane is going, and most of the blame is put onto Marcus. It is possible that this song is the "bad song" from the unannounced new album they'll release in the future. So count out Northlane yet. Anyway, I think this song is okay but not as enjoyable as any songs from Discoveries or Singularity

Also, I don't think the blame should entirely be put onto Marcus either, because it is possible that the band was moving towards this new sound regardless if Adrian was in the band or not. It could have been bad timing for Marcus to join at the same time they wanted to go in a new musical direction.

But! You can judge for yourself by listening to the song below!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Live Interview with Invent, Animate!

Genre(s): Metalcore
Location: Port Neches, TX
Our live interviewer, Kev, caught up with metalcore act Invent, Animate while they were touring Canada with Reflections and Betraying The Martyr. You can pick up their debut album Everchanger here, and check out the interview below! Also special thanks to Benoit Leger for filming!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Lorna Shore Enters Studio To Record New Album!

"New Jersey metal band LORNA SHORE have just entered The Machine Shop recording studio to begin work on their debut full-length album with producer Will Putney (Thy Art Is Murder, Upon A Burning Body, Fit For An Autopsy).  The album will be released next spring through Density Records.

We’re really excited to work with Will on these new songs,” said guitarist Adam DeMicco. “The songs are a lot darker, heavier and more technical and we can’t wait to get this music out for everyone to hear.”

Formed in 2010, vocalist Tom Barber, guitarist Adam DeMicco, bassist Gary Herrera and drummer Austin Archey have previously released two EP’s, 2011’s Born Kingdom and 2014’s Maleficium. Guitarist Connor Deffley joined the band in 2014.

The Maleficium EP peaked at #15 on CMJ’s metal chart and featured two tracks which each spawned a demonic video: Godmaker and “Cre(h)ate."

Lorna Shore’s next planned live show will be at the Despised Icon reunion show on December 21st at The Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts with The Red Chord, Within The Ruins, The Last Ten Seconds of Life, and many more. Tickets can be purchased here:"
Taken from an email I was sent from Density Records.

Punk (not so much) Goes Pop Vol. 6 Drops Today!

Another Punk Goes Pop has released, starring bands like Volumes, Upon A Burning Body, We Came As Romans, and several others. They cover a wide variety of pop songs like "Turn Down For What," "Royals," "Happy," and many other songs that are unbearable to listen to in their original form, let alone re-done in core fashion. Anyway! You can purchase Punk Goes Pop Vol. 6 on iTunes now!