Thursday, April 24, 2014

The World To Come releases new track "Cloaked Perception"

Progressive deathcore act, The World To Come, released a new single yesterday titled "Cloaked Perception." The song also features Mark Garrett of symphonic/progressive deathcore band, Kardashev. This song is solid and has a lot of progressive influences thrown in, so if that sounds appealing to you, give it a go!

Lascivious releases new song "Excretion of Digested Human Remains"

One man brutal death metal band, Lascivious, released a new song earlier today titled "Excretion of Digested Human Remains." Now if that name doesn't intrigue you, I don't think anything will. If you're into brutal death, or slam, check out this song!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Suicide Silence to release new album 'You Can't Stop Me' in July

This announcement is taken from Nuclear Blast Record's Facebook page,

"Suicide Silence will release YOU CAN'T STOP ME, their first album to feature new vocalist Eddie Hermida (ex- ALL SHALL PERISH) and their first since the tragic loss of singer Mitch Lucker, on July 11 (Europe), July 14 (UK) and July 15, 2014 (North America) via Nuclear Blast Entertainment.  

YOU CAN'T STOP ME was produced and mixed by Steve Evetts (SEPULTURA, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, WARBRINGER), who worked with the band not only on The Black Crown, but also on some instrumental demos just prior to the tragedy of Fall 2012.  

“The long and short of it is this,” explains guitarist Mark Heylmun. “Mitch left behind a set of lyrics with the title You Can't Stop Me. This gave us chills to say the least and we knew we had the title and title track. This filled us with inspiration for writing sessions to empower us and empower you, the supporters of SUICIDE SILENCE.  

“We as a band (and Steve Evetts) worked tirelessly on this record and I'm not gonna say we can't wait for you to hear it. I'm gonna tell you that you have to hear it. You have to sit and listen from start to finish. I'm not gonna tell you this is our best record we've ever done. I'm gonna tell you this is the record we care more about than any record we've ever done. This is a record that we fought, bled, sweated, and fucking cried over.  

“You Can't Stop Me is out July 15th on Nuclear Blast, go pick up a copy and turn this sucker up to eleven. We couldn't be more excited. Thank you all for supporting SUICIDE SILENCE.”  

Vocalist Eddie Hermida most recently made his official live debut with the band, during this year’s installment of the Soundwave Festival in Australia.  Nuclear Blast Entertainment is a division of Nuclear Blast Records formed by Nuclear Blast owner Markus Staiger and former Roadrunner A&R chief, Monte Conner.  

SUICIDE SILENCE's latest album, The Black Crown, sold nearly 15,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 28 on The Billboard 200 chart.  

Eddie Hermida - Vocals 
Chris Garza - Guitar 
Mark Heylmun - Guitar 
Alex Lopez - Drums 
Dan Kenny - Bass"

Definitely curious as to how Suicide Silence will sound like on You Can't Stop Me.

In Dying Arms releases new song "Lives On Display"

Deathcore act, In Dying Arms, released a new song last night titled "Lives On Display." This is the band's first time releasing new music since their 2012 release Boundaries. "Lives On Display" shows that the band continued to keep a similar sound to their older music with bone crushing vocals and instrumental, but also has soft melodies with clean vocals. It really provides the best of both worlds as far as core music goes. Definitely check it out!

Volumes releases teaser to their new album 'No Sleep'

Last night, djent band Volumes, released a teaser to long awaited album No Sleep, which is set to release sometime in the Summer around the time of Vans Warped Tour. This teaser release was released a day after the officially releasing of the album's cover. The band plans to release a new song in May from the album, so don't make quick judgement off of the teaser below. 

The biggest difference I, and many others, can tell is that the teaser shows that Volumes decided to use more clean singing in their music. The singing is not similar to singing done in their album Via either. It seems the band is leaning towards a more progressive metal sound than the standard djent sound. I don't really have an opinion on it all until I hear a full song, but you can decide for yourself. Like it or hate it?