Thursday, January 29, 2015

We're Moving (to Wordpress)!

Yup, that's right, PSAB's moving. But not really, just taking everything here and throwing it over onto Wordpress. Nothing will be changing at all with what's posted. There'll be reviews on a weekly basis, done by some of the great reviewers I've hired. Also, there'll be live interviews still going on, and probably more news being posted (in the process of hiring people for that as well).

The only thing not going over to Wordpress will be the 'music downloads' page. I haven't posted music downloads since late of 2013, as I was scared that the site would be taken down (even though they're all legal, and from Bandcamp).

Don't worry! If you still haven't plowed through the fields of music, it'll still be there after the switch. This site will remain as is, except the URL will be switched to the WP website (reverting back to

Other than that! Thanks for the people who keep up with what's posted here, and expect more to come in the future!

Oh, and, not to forget; the site will release in beta form. This is being done because the plan was to release it back in 2014, but Tony (highly appreciated PSAB developer) and I became busier over the course of that year. So the site took a backseat, only to be messed with ever so often. But, instead of waiting until everything is perfect, I believe it'd be best to release it in BETA, and work as we go.

New site URL will be here:

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Interview with Slaughter For The Daddy!

Genre(s): Deathcore
Location: Tula
PSAB: What does the band name "Slaughter For The Daddy" mean exactly?

SFTD: "Slaughter For The Daddy" this is our vision of the world. "Daddy" - is a collective image, which controls all processes in the universe. It grows from the depths of our soul and uses our fears, motivations, desires, directs us to action. What the fuck? Why? We do not know. In our works we try to get to the depths of the story. We can say that we are writing a book.
PSAB: You released your debut EP Hibrida back in 2013. What have you been up to since then? Can we expect a new album this year?

SFTD: Very long time we recorded material. And before very long it composed. Until the EP release, we have existed for about 3 years. Every second must be perfect in the track. In 2015, we will start recording a new full-length album.
PSAB: If you were given the choice to tour with two other bands. Which bands would you choose and why?

SFTD: Each member of the band has its own answers to this question. I general it would be cool to go on tour with Kill Robot Kill and Aversions Crown. Cool guys.
PSAB: How's the metal scene in Tula?

SFTD: I think, with this is all right. In our style we are the only representatives, but there is a hardcore group with whom we are happy to play at concerts: The Jackals, Click on this icon, Red dust in eyes, Undermorphine.
PSAB: What plays an influence on your music the most? This can be non-music related.

SFTD: Our music influences everything, if it - grandiose job. When someone sold his soul to the devil to release his film / invention / album is immediately felt. And it makes ourselves not sit still.
PSAB: Any shout outs to give?

SFTD: Thanks to everyone who supports us, waiting for a new album and coming to our concerts. We love you!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Live Interview with Forty Winters!

Genre(s): Deathcore/Hardcore
Location: Coral Springs, FL

Adrian, one our live interviews, caught up with Xavier, the front man of Forty Winters recently at one of their shows in Adrian's area. Check out the interview below! 

: Since your release of "Isolation" back in October 2013, has the band been working on a full length album?

FW: Absolutely, we are more than half way done writing our sophomore album. 

PSAB: How did the recording go at Sonic Assault Studios in Cape Coral, FL?

FW: Recording at Sonic Assault Studios in Cape Coral, FL was super organic, fluid and downright fun. Phil and Charles were a pleasure to work with. They really brought out the best in us. Made us feel extremely welcome and at home. It was great, we are very happy with those recordings and times.

PSAB: Short songs always remind me of short stories, is that the aim for the band? Or was it unintentional?

FW: Yes and no, we are a short and sweet type of band. We never ever wanted to drag on or become boring, we just want to get the point across and have fun with it while telling a story. Hatebreed kind of set the tone for that.

PSAB: How is the scene in South Florida?

FW: The scene in South Florida is amazing. Local and touring, there are always shows going on no matter which day of the week. We are proud to be from South Florida and couldn't ask for more. Plenty of solid bands to check out and fall in love with.

PSAB: How is the band preparing for 2015?

FW: We are hard at work on the next full length, dropping a new music video, and getting some long-needed repair work on our van haha. We'll have plenty of extensive and international touring to support the album, 2015 will be sick. 

PSAB: Any shout outs?

FW: Def gotta show love to Pig Squeals and Breakdowns, Hnath Designs, Won Jun at Colorfast, Bartvision, Sam at Pro Wrestling Nation, Steph at Gorgeous Freaks Magazine, Leave Your Mark Screeprinting and No Hard Feelings Tattoo Gallery.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Interview with Beyond This!

Genre(s): Metalcore
Location: Reidsville, NC

PSAB: Why was the name "Beyond This" chosen for your band?

BT: The name "Beyond This" was a name we decided on when we thought of what we wanted to do with the band. We wanted to be "beyond" where we were. We wanted to eventually write, record, and play shows. After we accomplished writing and recording, we wanted to go "beyond this" to something better, such as shows and potential record deals. It's a continuing cycle. The name is consistent with anything; not just music. It can be applied to a situation in anyone's life where they just want to get beyond a situation, hopefully to do something more benefiting to them.
PSAB: You're currently sponsored by Pure Deathcore. How's the experience been being sponsored by them?

BT: It's been great! Our debut single, "A King in Hell" was uploaded to their YouTube channel about a month after it was uploaded to our personal one and, as of right now, has almost 600 views. Troy, the owner of Pure Deathcore, has been really helpful with getting our name out there and continues to do so.  
PSAB: How's the feedback been for your recently released single "A Kill In Hell?"

BT: The feedback has been incredible! Almost 2,000 views on the single our personal channel; 600 on Pure Deathcore. To get 2,600 views in a few months on our first song makes us feel great. 
PSAB: What's the metal scene like in Reidsville, NC?

BT: Sadly, there's not much of a scene here. Only one other band comes to mind from around here when we think metal. Our best starting point in North Carolina will probably be Greensboro or Charlotte.  
PSAB: What are some bands that play an influence on your music?

BT: The great thing about this band is that the members are influenced by a variety of genres, which, in turn, reflects our sound. Our lead guitarist, Rey, loves the more technical side of things. He draws inspiration from Children of Bodom, Bullet For My Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold, and other artists like that. 
Our bassist, Corey, loves progressive music. He reveres Tosin Abasi from Animals as Leaders. He also loves other progressive bands like CHON. Tyler and Taylor love the heavier side of music, like Thy Art is Murder, Breakdown of Sanity, and Asking Alexandria. Our drummer Kevin likes everything from Slipknot to Here Comes the Kraken. Using each other's tastes and interests produced art we all love.
PSAB: Any shout outs to give?

BT: Shout out to Troy from Pure Deathcore for helping us out, Mark from Mindrape Art (He did the art for A King in Hell), Intuitive Designs for doing the art for our upcoming single, "Carcass", and everyone that's taken interest in our band. Thanks! 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Interview with Fiction!

Genre(s): Metalcore
Location: Minneapolis, MN
PSAB: Why did you choose "Fiction" for your band name?

Fiction: Because you can't believe every story that you hear, plus we were sick of our old one - The Obstacles Unknown - and thought that it was a cool and powerful word. And we figured, why not? So many people can refer it to something in their own world too!
PSAB: How was the feedback when dropped your single "The Wrath"? Are you still receiving feedback now? 

We didn't receive any negativity, plenty of support from close friends but we do want to get more feedback! Always looking for a way to plug it in online *wink wink*
PSAB: What do you do outsides of the band? Your hobbies.

Donnie (Guitar): Working out, but mostly just listening to and making music.

Brandon "Dino" (Bass):besides being a husband and a full time dad: I like to game a little bit, I cook and I recreationally smoke.

Jake (Vocals):work is a hobby all it's own, but I enjoy drawing and reading books. Watching and learning about people, and also making a fool of myself is a favorite pastime!

Jarmal "Malo" (Drums): I love to lift. I pride myself in being the coolest dad ever, and a TV junkie (RIP SOA). Oh, and my biggest hobby is attending shows and learning about as much as I can about as many bands as I can.
PSAB: How's the metal scene in Minneapolis?

Fiction: We've some big shoes to fill following behind killer bands like Reflections, After The Burial and Don't Worry I'm A Doctor. There is a lot of young fierce talent out here but there could always be more people!
PSAB: What are three bands that play the most influence on your music?

Fiction: Suicide Silence, speck of Chelsea Grin. Memphis May Fire. Slipknot
We are a collective mesh of the last 10 years of subgenres in metal. Anything that ends with "core" is something one of us listens to
PSAB: Any shout outs to give?

Fiction: To Adam Sagan at the Roseville Guitar Center in MN!

To Dakota, and the rest of In Solace. A really awesome band from WI, just released a new album!
To Meems and Hondro for putting up with us four times a month!
And a shoutout to Bonnie for always being there for me, no matter what
And shoutout to Pig Squeals and Breakdowns for even taking the time to send us an email. Cool dudes like you are the reason bands like us can even find us at all. Thanks guys!