Friday, July 25, 2014

Interview with Plague of Purity!

Genre(s): Melodic Death Metal
Location: N/A

PSAB: Why did you choose "Plague of Purity" for your band name?

POP: I'm glad you asked as that is a frequently asked question I get. Purity is what strives us to move forward, its our goal as we work to be a better person. Being as the goal is unreachable to be completely pure. I view it as a plague to spend your life working towards something you can never be, and with that the name Plague Of Purity was born.

PSAB: You're currently working on a new album, now that you're a full-fledged band. When can we expect the new album to drop?

POP: We haven't determined a release date with our label yet so don't quote me on it, but I'd say I think we can expect it this fall.

PSAB: You've played many different bands, which band has been your favorite to share the stage with?

POP: I can't really choose a favorite band but my favorite show as a Death tribute show we did at the continental club in Oakland. We played with Splattered, Logistic Slaughter, Hemotoxin, Behold The Desecration and some more awesome bands. That night was amazing and those guys were my favorite bands to share the stage with.

PSAB: What has played the most influence on your music? This can be non-music related.

POP:  I guess it would be my mentality of my youth, a kind of "the world is against me" attitude. I put that into this band and the lyrical content on the new record ranges from corruption, to insanity being the true reality and things that I would give to my 15 year old self and give him something to rage too. 

: There are many, many, sub-genres of metal, so why did you choose to play the type of metal that you do?

POP: We honestly don't even know what type of metal we are. Melodic Deathcore? Death Metal? I really don't know and to be honestly I don't really care. I just play what I love to play and whatever sub-genre that falls under doesn't really matter to me. Part of the reason I don't know what we are is because our songs are all super different. We have a Nu Metalish song on the new album as well as a song that gives you a black metal vibe even a Metalcore sounding song, so who ever is reading this. Give us a listen and tell me what you think we are, because the band really doesn't know either haha.

PSAB: Have any shout outs to give to the readers, and your fans out there?

POP: I'd like to give a shout out to all our fans that bought a shirt, came out to a show and grabbed a demo! you guys are beyond awesome for believing in us! Readers unfamiliar with us, check us out! Anyone that supports my dream is a friend of mine so don't be shy to friend us on Facebook either!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fueled By The Slaughtour!

7/25/14 - 8/3/14

Tour Dates

Friday, 7/25, Danbury, CT - Heirloon Arts Theater

Saturday, 7/26, Binghanton, NY - Fitzies Irish Pub

Wednesday, 7/30, Buffalo, NY - Broadway Joes

Friday, 8/1, Summer Slaughter In Cleveland, OH - Agora Theater

Saturday, 8/2, Pittsburgh, PA - The Rock Room

Sunday, 8/3, Trenton, NJ - Championships Bar & Grill (w/ Swashbuckle)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Three Newly Released Songs You Should Check Out

Three awesome new songs, and one music video, released yesterday, but I didn't have the chance to post them onto the site due to work. So... now I'm doing it now.

The first song is the list is Invent, Animate's new song "Nocturne: Lost Faith." Which is taken from their upcoming new album Everchanger. The band is considered metalcore, and they're from Texas. You can listen to "Nocturne: Lost Faith" here, and you can pre-order Everchanger now: Tragic Hero.

Next on the list is Sunquake's new song "Higher Realm" which features Anthony Hamin from Merge. The song is taken from their upcoming EP Outreach. Sunquake are progressive metalcore, and based out of France. You can listen to "Higher Realm" here.

Third on the list is Selke & DeMaro, Attorney At Law's new track "Swoll City." They're a two-man metalcore band based out of New York, and you can listen to "Swoll City" here.

Last on the list is not a new song, but a new music video. It's a music video from Inhuman Remnant's from their song "Once From The Outer Realm." The song is taken from their 2012 EP release Anathema. The band is considered death metal/grind and are based out of Canberra. You can check out the music video here.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Within The Ruins' New Album 'Phenomena' Drops Today

Deathcore band, Within The Ruins, is set to release their new album Phenomena today. This album follows their highly accepted (and probably praised) release Elite back in 2013. I am skeptical of Phenomena as it was released so soon after Elite, and it could be said that this album may be rushed. However, it doesn't seem to be the case by skimming through the many positive reviews it received. To name a few: 3/5 from Revolver Mag, 7/10 from Metal Injection, and 4/5 from Sputnik Music. They also released yesterday a full stream of their album via Alternative Press, if you want to listen it in full before making the plunge on purchasing it.

You can pick up Phenomena from Merch Now, Indie Merch, and iTunes.

Fallujah's New Album 'The Flesh Prevails' Releases Today

Death metal act, Fallujah, released their highly anticipated album The Flesh Prevails today. They released a few songs from the album before this release: Sapphire, Carved From Stone, and Starlit Path. The album has received a lot of fantastic reviews from websites, such as: 4.5/5 from Heavy Blog Is Heavy, 5/5 from Metalsucks, and two well written and positive reviews from Teach's Class of Metal and Wonderbox Metal. In my opinion, this album will probably be one of the best, if not the best, release of 2014 for death metal. 

You can pick up The Flesh Prevails on Indie Merch, Kings Road Merch (EU/UK), and iTunes.