Friday, October 24, 2014

Interview with Witness The Recreant!

Genre(s): Death Metal/Hardcore
Location: San Angelo, TX

PSAB: How did the name "Witness The Recreant" come to be your band name? 

: Honestly just  through constant brainstorming this is the only thing that seemed to fit and now it has definitely grown on us. 

PSAB: You released your demo back in September. How's the feedback been for that demo? 

: Our live tracks that we released for our current line up was just a great idea. We had been a band for a year already with no recorded music to share besides live video so putting it out was definitely better than nothing. It has opened a couple doors and allowed our friends/fans to help get our name out in a better way. I would strongly suggest getting something like this done as a local band if you don't have the means for studio time. We will be releasing our debut EP "Avarice" through Pure Deathcore December 2015. 

PSAB: If you could play live with any band, which band would that be and why? 

: This is the hardest question that I have ever read. We've played with some GREAT bands and there are so many others that I personally would love to play with. For me as a vocalist I would have to say either Black Tongue, The Black Dahlia Murder, or maybe even Cattle Decapitation. 

PSAB: How's the local scene in San Angelo, TX? 

: The local scene here is new and growing more and more every show. As far as active bands go the variety really ranges like any other town. We have deathcore, progressive, hardcore, punk, acoustic, just about everything. Also how dedicated and supportive the scene has become is really great. If you want your band to play here just send us a message and we'll point you in the right direction. 

PSAB: What bands play the most influence on your music? 

: I would say that we as a band are very diverse when it comes to input for our songs. For instance our drummer Tito looks towards War From a Harlots Mouth, our guitarist Neeko loves the stylings of djent, Jordan pulls heavily from slam and death metal genres, Ramiro is leaning towards deathcore bands such as I Declare war, and lastly I love heavy pounding vocals so I usually look to beatdown and some forms of deathcore for techniques and approaches. Our talents are very diverse and we hope to express that fluidly as our years and experience progress. 

PSAB: Any shout outs to give? 

: We would like to give a shout out to all our friends that share our music and help support our band.

Some individuals would be
Troy Greene from Pure Deathcore
Glorious Gorifications
RGWJ Illustrations
Viral Designs
Far From Nothing
And lastly Pig Squeels and Breakdowns for sharing our music and letting us do this interview!

Questions answered by Slater, vocalist of the band.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The New Music Continues; Music From Today And Yesterday!

Even though I have been playing Rings of Saturn's new album Lugal En Ki religiously since I've gotten it, there have been new tunes making their way into my ears. The past week and this week continues to haul out new heavy music, and some new music videos, for everyone to enjoy. So, yet again, here's some new music that released yesterday, today, and some new music videos!


Deathcore act, AngelMaker, released a new music video for their song "Blood For Blood" which can be viewed on YouTube.

Dysphoria, a deathcore band, released a new song called "Creatures" from the band's upcoming new album The Apogee (set to release Nov 13, 2014). You can pre-order the album and listen to the new song via YouTube.

Death metal band Transcending The Flesh released a music video for a new song "I Am Risen." The song is taken from an upcoming new EP from the band, set to release in the future. You can give the track a listen on YouTube.

Job For A Cowboy released a new song from their upcoming album Sun Eater titled "Eating The Visions Of God." You can listen it to via Soundcloud and pre-order the new album on Metal Blade now!

Hardcore/metal band, Dremenuart, released their new EP WeightBearer and you can listen to it in its entirety on YouTube now!
Invoker, a deathcore band from North Carolina, dropped their new album Death Is Inevitable, which can be listened to fully on YouTube thanks to the band! Don't forget to pick it up physically via their Big Cartel!

That's all there is to be currently but I'm sure I'm missing a lot of other albums or singles.

Interview with Witness!

Genre(s): Hardcore/Metal
Location: Roanoke, VA
PSAB: Where does the band name "Witness" come from exactly?

Witness: Everyone sees something during their lifetime that changes them in a monumental way, whether it be for the better or for worse and our lyrical content reflects that. We're all Witnesses.

PSAB: You released your new single "Gravedance" earlier this month. How has the feedback been for that?

Witness:Feedback has been absolutely insane! It's done a good job of spreading around on its own and there's been almost no negative comments from anyone, which is crazy nowadays.

PSAB: If you had the choice to have a musician featured on one of your tracks. Which musician would that be and why?

Witness:Dude, we've always talked about how sick it would be if we got Landon Tewers on one of our songs. If we play our cards right maybe we can make it happen some day!

PSAB: What is the metal scene like in Roanoke, VA?

Witness:Roanoke has always had a thriving hardcore scene and for a while the metal scene was pretty barren but as of late we've had some huge tours come through and more and more faces pop up at every show. It's a sick feeling growing up and seeing the scene grow with you.

PSAB: What are three bands that play the most influence on your music?

Witness:Slipknot, Harm's Way, and Barrier are huge influences for us. We try to take as many elements as possible from our favorite genres and mix them together for what we think is a pretty unique sound.

PSAB: Do you have any shout outs to give the readers out there? 

Zach Jones and Ryan Hounshell from My Enemies & I (Check them out!)  Our buddies in Invoker and any other band putting in hard work and time for their passion And anybody who took the time to check us out!

Interview with Shadow of Intent!

Genre(s): Symphonic Deathcore
Location: N/A

PSAB: Where does the name "Shadow Of Intent" come from?

SOI: The name Shadow Of Intent actually comes from the Halo game series. Our EP and lyrical content was inspired by the series as well, so we figured we should have a name that is also relative!
PSAB: If you could tour any part of the world, which part would it be and why?

SOI: Honestly, I'd love to tour anywhere. Neither of us have ever been on a big tour before, and since we're only a two piece project it's impossible. It's always been a huge dream of mine. Anywhere in the world would do thought if we were somehow able to build a line up.

PSAB: What are your hobbies outside of creating music?

SOI: I enjoy playing copious amounts of video games when I'm not working haha. I collect CD's as well. I just started this year and I'm up to about 75 hard copies at this point. There's really not much I do outside of music, music is practically my entire life.

PSAB: What plays the most influence on your music? This can be non-music related.

SOI: Chris's playing was heavily influenced by Abigail Williams, Dimmu Borgir, The Black Dahlia Murder and Within the Ruins. He's an amazing songwriter and wrote all of the music on the EP. He did the music, I did the lyrics. I was obviously influenced by the Halo series, as you can tell by the lyrical content. But the music that heavily influenced me was Bloodbath, SepticFlesh, Carach Angren and The Black Dahlia Murder.

PSAB: How's the local metal scene in your area?

SOI: The local metal scene in our area is pretty 50/50 in a way. There's a whole bunch of bands, but there isn't a whole lot of places to play. And it's especially hard to find a venue that's in a convenient spot. They're all pretty scattered throughout the area, and not a whole lot of people go to the local shows. I've played plenty of shows where only a handful of kids showed up. I'm sure it's pretty much the same way for any other area though, or maybe not.

PSAB: Do you have any shout outs to give to your fans, and the readers out there?

SOI: Our shout out to our fans would be to stay tuned with Shadow Of Intent! The EP Inferi Sententia is only the beginning, and we plan on delivering better, faster, more epic and technical material than before.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Interview with Decimate The Ruins!

Genre(s): Deathcore/Djent
Location: Tacoma, WA

PSAB: Where does the band name "Decimate The Ruins" come from exactly? 

DTR: Our name decimate the ruins came from our old vocalist, We see the world going to shit in a way, Global warming, Gas prices the bad economy So in a sense we look at this world in ruins So destroy ( decimate ) the Ruins ( world ) is how we look at it!

PSAB: You're currently working on a new EP. When can you fans expect to see it release? 

DTR: We are surely working on a ep! it might take awhile because we just swapped our 7 strings out for 8s and I'm sure this sound is much more what we are going for. But hopefully in the next month expect to get the ball rolling of a ep and new merch

PSAB: If you could choose any place to play a show in, which place would that be? 

DTR: If we could choose to play anywhere in the world it would be rock am ring in Nürburgring Germany just due to the vast amount of crowd! 

PSAB: How's the metal scene in Tacoma, WA? 

DTR: The scene is full of a lot of great bands, We have a couple brother bands that we are really close to with and play shows with very often... however there aren't that many venues and more and more venues seem to be closing

PSAB: What are the bands that play the most influence on your music? 

DTR: Our influences are Lifeforms, Meshuggah, Children of Bodom, Veil Of maya, The Faceless, Monuments, Fit For A Autopsy 

PSAB: Any shout outs to give? 

: We would like to give a huge shout out to our friend Aaron Meyers, He has been like Family to our drummer and he has taken professional photos for us at our shows countless times for free and he has let us use his guitars/basses/amps/recording gear with out expecting a dime from us, Thank you Aaron! Also a shout out ro our brothers in massacre at the opera, Beyond Theory, Equal Ruins and Resolve and Reside!